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Blara Group is a specialist civil engineering and construction company delivering bespoke, high-quality solutions to our clients throughout the rail and construction industries.

We pride ourselves on building collaborative relationships with our clients, ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and to an exceptional standard of finish. We are committed to providing our services at highly competitive rates and wherever possible, using innovation and Industry Best Practices to maximise productivity without compromising on safety.

Our teams are multi-skilled professionals with extensive experience within their respective fields of expertise. We have a strong track record of developing good working relationships with our client base, by encouraging early engagement and creating opportunities to enhance the relationship through integration and outstanding performances on site.

Our aim is for Controlled Growth, selectively bidding for projects that suit our skillset and that we are sure will achieve the best possible outcome for our client. Our work streams are a combination of repeat business and new business through recommendation and reputation. We are fortunate to have secured great working relationships with some excellent companies.

We look forward to working with you.

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Our Values

1. Ethics

Making the right choices through honesty, diversity, integrity, fair treatment and transparency.

Continuously striving to reduce our environmental impact.

Ensuring equal opportunities for all and promoting ethical diversity throughout the business and our supply chain.

2. Commitments

Fulfilling our promises and meeting our obligations.

Providing collaborative support to our client base.

Encouraging early engagement and consistently delivering an industry leading service.

Loyalty and respect to our clients and in equal measures to our staff and supply chain.

3. Excellence

Striving for excellence, focussed on quality delivery, consistency and continuous improvement through self-evaluation and that of our supply chain.

4. Compliance

Ensuring that our business is fully compliant and workforce trained on all the latest regulations, legislation, industry standards and procedures including any site-specific requirements.

Management Team


Walter Martin


Managing Director

Paul Oconnor

Managing Director

Compliance Manager

Lisa Lintern

Compliance Manager

Senior Operations Manager

James Welsh

Senior Operations Manager

Commercial Manager

Chris Whitcomb

Commercial Manager



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